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Includes lyric insert and large fold-out poster. 2020

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Genogeist – self-titled LP

Leather, studs and bullet-belts from Portland (where else?!) USA, this is the vinyl debut from ex members of Despair, Dodlage, GAASP, Terminal Conquest, and Vastation – they’ve done it before, they know what they’re doing. And it shows. A satisfying merge of crasher punk with a grindier death metal vibe, all the while staying light on it’s feet, thanks in large part to the athletic kick provided by the drummer. More than a whiff of UK punk, the type known for its crustaceous stench: Prophecy Of Doom and Bolthrower (for the gargled grind), Electro Hippies and Doom (for the speed) and Antisect (for the multi layered noise, and ranty rage). Within this particular style of punk, in recent years, you’ll be hard pushed to find anything as good as Genogeist. Top of the class.

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