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Includes lyric insert and poster. 2020

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Genogeist – self-titled LP

Leather, studs and bullet-belts from Portland (where else?!) USA, this is the vinyl debut from ex members of Despair, Dodlage, GAASP, Terminal Conquest, and Vastation – they’ve done it before, they know what they’re doing. And it shows. A satisfying merge of crasher punk with a grindier death metal vibe, all the while staying light on it’s feet, thanks in large part to the athletic kick provided by the drummer – a master of providing a head-banging bounce to the thick wall of heaviosity and overdriven noise. More than a whiff of UK punk, the type known for its crustaceous stench: Prophecy Of Doom and Bolthrower (for the gargled grind), Electro Hippies and Doom (for the speed) and Antisect (for the multi layered noise, and ranty rage).

S/T by Genogeist

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