CONFLICT – “The Ungoverable Force” LP


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Gatefold sleeve.

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Conflict – “The Ungoverable Force” LP

It’s quite bizzare trying to describe this album over thirty years later, such was the size of its impact on an international scale back in 1986. This is perhaps Conflicts’ Magnus Opus – admitedly, it is flawed (fluffed bass lines, and a dodgy keyboard recital tagged on the end), but when it succeeds, decades after the event, the Ungovernable Force is still a total, riotous knock-out. Both Kev and Paco (on guitar and drums respectively) were at the peak of their powers, and both (may they RIP) are unrecognised musical hereos of their generation. And, to give credit where it’s due, this remains perhaps the single most rebelliously militant album in the entire history of recorded music. Insubordination and adrenaline, a leathal cocktail, hurled through the air.

This copy is a recent repress, still in a gatefold sleeve, but without the printed inner sleeve/lyric sheet.

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