DAG NASTY – “Wig Out at Denko’s” LP


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Balck vinyl. 2021

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Dag Nasty – “Wig Out at Denko’s” LP

The second Dag Nasty came out in 1987, a year after their debut vinyl release Can I Say. Breaking free from the trappings of early 80s hardcore-punk… but not quite, it’s still a punk recording, with plenty of punch and speed, still blessed with Brian Baker’s super inventive, and memorable guitar riffing. Also featuring new vocalist Peter Cortner, with a delivery that is as much sung as shouted. The time is right to reassess Wig Out At Dekno’s. It’s very likely that you may be pleasantly suprised (remember, this is the same Dag Nasty line-up that gave us the wickedly good track “All Ages Show”).

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