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FUGAZI – “Steady Diet Of Nothing” LP


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Fugazi – “Steady Diet Of Nothing” LP

The follow-up to the debut album, Repeater, this one was released a year later in 1991, recorded by the band at Inner Ear Studious with the engineering assistance of Don Zientara. It’s a Fugazi album – and so innevitably there are rich rewards to be uncovered within. But in general, it is also the least celebrated of their albums, hampered (in the band’s opinion) by the lack of an independent-minded studio producer to oversee the recording process. And on its release it was overshadowed slightly by what was going on in the world of alternative music – both in the mainstream with Nirvana and Sub Pop; and in the underground with Slint and The Jesus Lizard. Regardless, Steady Diet remains a worthy follow-up to Repeater, and an important transitional link to In On The Kill Taker.

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