FUGAZI – “Steady Diet Of Nothing” LP


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Metallic silver vinyl. 2023

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Fugazi – “Steady Diet Of Nothing” LP

The follow-up to the debut album, Repeater, this one was released a year later in 1991, recorded by the band at Inner Ear Studious with the engineering assistance of Don Zientara. It’s a Fugazi album – and so there are rich rewards within. But in general, it is also the least celebrated of their albums, hampered (in the band’s opinion) by the lack of an independent-minded studio producer to oversee the recording process. And on its release it was overshadowed slightly by what was going on in the world of alternative music – both in the mainstream with Nirvana and Sub Pop; and in the underground with Slint and The Jesus Lizard. Regardless, Steady Diet remains a worthy follow-up to Repeater, and an important transitional link to In On The Kill Taker.

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