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F.O.D. – “Shatter Your Day” Double LP


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Gatefold sleeve, double vinyl. 2013

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Flag Of Democracy – “Shatter Your Day” Double LP

Philadelphia’s F.O.D. blasted into the mid-80s scene with a whirlwind of Dead Kennedy/Husker Du tunes played at super mental Adrenalin OD/D.R.I. speed. I loved ’em as a teen-youth, and to this day, it still gets me excited to hear that intro: as the snare hit and bass twang builds and builds you wonder to yourself, fuck, how fast and intense is this record going to be?? and then whoosh, oh my stars, this fast! whoopee!! This double album compiles not just their classic debut album (released on Arenalin OD’s Buy Our Records in 1986), but also everything recorded from 1982-1986: The Chinese Food EP, Love Songs EP, comp tracks, and loads more, 33 bonus tracks in total.


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