F.O.D. – “Shatter Your Day” Double LP


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Gatefold sleeve, double vinyl. 2013

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Flag Of Democracy – “Shatter Your Day” Double LP

Philadelphia’s F.O.D. blasted into the mid-80s scene with a whirlwind of Dead Kennedy/Husker Du tunes played at super mental Adrenalin OD/D.R.I. speed. I loved ’em as a teen-youth, and to this day, it still gets me excited to hear that intro: as the snare hit and bass twang builds, and builds, you wonder to yourself, fuck, how fast and intense is this record going to be?? and then whoosh, oh my stars – this fast! whoopee!!
This double album compiles not just their classic debut album (released on Adrenalin OD’s Buy Our Records in 1986), but also everything recorded from 1982-1986: The Chinese Food EP, Love Songs EP, comp tracks, live tracks and demos, 33 bonus tracks in total.


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