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Yellow transparent vinyl, includes download. 2016

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Hammered Hulls – self-titled 7″

Revolution Summer is back in town. Marking the welcome return of Alec Mackaye to the front of the stage, and joined by fellow veterans: Mary Timony of Autoclave; Mark Cisneros of Medications, Chain And The Gang, Make Up, Des Demonas, amongst others; Chris Wilson, renowned drummer for Titus Andronicus, Ted Leo and The Pharmacists, and the underrated Shake Ray Turbine (especially exciting for me, ‘cos I really rated them). I am so fucking relieved – Ignition have always been a big, big deal to me. Faith, and The Warmers, are held dear, too, of course. Weirdly – amazingly, even –  Hammered Hulls are as good as Ignition. And I’m talking 7″s and album. Not 12″. Weary at first, these songs have grown on me. Alongside Red Hare,  I haven’t enjoyed a new Dischord band as much in many years. But, catch it quick – first press already gone.

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