COLD AS LIFE – “Born To Land Hard” LP


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Neon green vinyl (500 copies), includes foldout insert. 2023


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Cold As Life – “Born To Land Hard” LP

The debut full-length that was originally self-released by the band in 1999. Thirteen tracks of hardcore from the streets of Detroit, USA. Maybe less known outside of Detroit at the time of their troubled existence, but they have become a notorious name ever since due to the tragic violence and desperate criminality that has afflicted band members. It all makes for a compelling story, and one that overshadows the actual music itself – a vicious brand of metallic hardcore that is more expressive than aggressive (if that makes sense, sharing much in common with formative versions of early metalcore, and born, I should think, from a similar scene (and mindset) as Culture, Integrity, Ringworm and Bloodlet, (and then heading stylistically towards Merauder, Hatebreed and early Converge).

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