TALK TALK – “Laughing Stock” LP


Polydor / Universal 

180 gram vinyl, includes download. 2016

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Talk Talk – “Laughing Stock” LP

Flushed with their succes as an early 80’s synth pop outfit, and also confused by what the hell that even meant, the remaining two members of Talk Talk boarded themselves-up in a studio, turned off the lights and then asked 80 different musicians to come in (mind the step) and add improvisations to their collection of sparse, moody songs. The end result was experimental and strangely original, with Enoesque drones and sparse arangements full of tension and slightly neurotic fragility. Now regarded (by the likes of Pitchfork and that Fantano fella) as an understated masterpiece; also considered to be the origin of the ‘post-rock’ genre… which I think is debateable –¬† Laughing Stock was recorded between September 1990 and April 1991; whereas Slint’s second album, Spiderland, was completed in four days in August of 1990.

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