TOO MANY VOICES – “Catch Me If You Can” LP


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Cherry red vinyl. 2019

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Too Many Voices – “Catch Me If You Can” LP

Good ideas get recycled again and again, it would be daft not to, and so the Dischord/Revolution Summer mix of hardcore punk and melodic rock will never go away – with the trademark sung-more-than-shouted vocals,┬ápicked guitar chords, and heart-on-sleeve earnestness: HDQ, Reason To Believe, 411, Bread And Circuits, Betrayed, Give are just a few past examples, and more recently Sunstroke and One step Closer. With their vinyl debut Too Many Voices, from Long Island, New York, add their name to the list. Hell, they even do a cover of 3‘s Swann Street. A dead cert for fans of Can I Say I’d say.

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