VILE – “Says Fuck Off!” 7″


Radio Raheem

Includes insert. 2018

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Vile – “Says Fuck Off!” 7″

Just when you thought you knew it all, Radio Raheem do it again and resurrect from the grave an obscure gem that you never even knew existed. Pissed-off Boston youth who managed to alienate themselves by antagonising members of their local scene (perhaps explaining how they became so overlooked. Although, the clue is in the title of this 7″), playing SSD/F.U.s style hardcore, raw and simple. Three unreleased recordings from the same session as their self-released (and of course, highly collectible) Solution LP of 1983. Two of the songs are alternate versions of tracks from that album, but as it is impossible to now get hold of, this the only way to get your hands on some Vile.

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