TAD – “God’s Balls” LP


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Gatefold sleeve, includes poster and download. 2016

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Tad – “God’s Balls” LP

Preaching the hard rock gospel, Tad were on a simple, one-track mission: sonic power for the motherfuckers. Unpretentious, no-nonsense, head-banging beafcake rock. 70’s metal combined with the noise damage of the Butthole Surfers; and like Big Black, with an occasional poke around the dark underside of the American psyche. As a cash-strapped young’un I once had a choice between a ticket for Tad, or a ticket for Mega City Four. Very regrettable error, I opted for MC4. But in my defence, they were supported by French noise punks, Les Thugs, (and Les Thugs were great). Whereas, Tad were supported by Nirvana, who were, by the standards of the day, a pretty mediocre band. Les Thugs were the comparitively a better choice. But, of course, I wish I had seen Tad. Oh well, c’est la vie. God’s Balls is Tad’s debut album, recorded with Jack Endino in 1988, and released early the following year.

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