UNSANE – “Improvised Munitions & Demo” LP


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Unsane – “Improvised Munitions & Demo” LP

The first, lost and found, Unsane album!! Originally slated to be released in 1989 on Circuits Records – but never managed to reach the light of day, aside from a few tracks that were used on early 7″s. Thankfully a lost test pressing, the only known copy, was recently found, and now the 7 tracks have been remastered with an additional 4 more songs taken from an early cassette demo. Some of these tracks could be heard on the John Peel show back in the day. An extraordinary revelation to hear at the time: extremely loud, dischordant, shouty noise (not music) – and from New York –  that wasn’t hardcore punk – huh? I guess the tag ‘noise rock’ wasnt a thing back then – really, this is where it began. The original Unsane, with the wild whirlwhind rhythms of the late Charlie Ondras, have never been surpassed for greatness ever since. Glorious noise. Like an aggrivated Boss Hog on a dirtier, punkier, drug-induced trip into the abyss of the metropolitan nightmare. I don’t think you can underplay how massively influential the first recordings by this original line-up were back in the early 1990s. So good.

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