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Rigorous Institution – “Penitent” 7″

Following the release of their 2018 demo tape, Portland’s Rigorous Institution return with their debut EP Penitent. Gloomy anarcho-grind that pays homage to 80’s UK filth-core, (by which I mean Axegrinder, Deviated Instinct, Zygote and Amebix – only, better than those influences imply). A multi-layered sound, with a dramatic synth buried in the mix, that adds to the overall atmosphere of fraught doom and apocalyptic menace. Go to the first two Amebix 7″s to get a sense of the malevolence and desperation of this 7″; and then add a load of modern day blackened punk, because this sounds far from old school or dated.

Penitent EP by Rigorous Institution

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