S.H.I.T. – “What Do You Stand For?” LP


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S.H.I.T. – “What Do You Stand For?” LP

Anguished raw-punk from Toronto, Canada. Featuring members of Violent Future, Molested Youth, Urban Blight, Owl Eyes, and Purity Control. Somewhere between Disorder and Kromosom and Disclose. While not exactly mellowing their noise, this debut LP does, however, find these delinquents grappling with a more fine-tuned approach to song writing, and with a little less feedback and distortion than before. Only a little, mind.

“Let’s begin with the amazing guitar and snare-roll tornado that opens the record, setting the bar pretty high, and then it just never lets up… Do I really need to explain more about how great this is? So many punk records, so little time – you’ll want to make lots of time for this one.” (Maximum Rock n Roll)

“…an absolute smoker from front to back… This is like if Wretched had a drummer who could play on time…” (Razorcake)

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