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RIGOROUS INSTITUTION – “The Coming of the Terror” 7″


Whisper In The Darkness Label

Includes fold-out insert. 2019


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Rigorous Institution – “The Coming of the Terror” 7″

Portland’s Rigorous Institution with an immediate follow-up to their their debut EP Penitent. Yes, Spiderleg, and yes, No Sanctuary; but no, not retro. And certainly not corny or cliched. This EP is as fresh as a post-apocalypse daisy. Dark waves of primeval menace, makes you wanna grab your hand-weapon and march, out and onwards, beneath a tattered banner to the war beat of doom. “Recommended if you think blasting Bathory’s Blood Fire Death while doing peyote in the Scottish highlands sounds like a cool time.” Arr, ’tis a good record.

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