MAN IS THE BASTARD – “Abundance of Guns” 10″


Deep Six Records

Light green marbled vinyl, includes insert. 2014

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Charred Remains A.K.A. Man Is The Bastard – “Abundance of Guns” 10″

Originally released by S.O.A. in Italy as a 7” e.p. in 1992 and then later reissued by M.I.T.B. in early 1993 also as a 7” e.p. (with the bonus track “Regression To Birth”). Reissued in 2014 by Deep Six as a 10” 45 rpm for larger “skull fidelity”. Featuring the original line-up of Barnes/Connell/Kenyon/Wood and recorded at “The Headquarters”.  Full blown dual basses, guitar, noise generators, exemplary drumming and dual crisis-based vocals make this reissue a must have for any “skull servant”.

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