SLITS – “Cut” LP


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40th Anniversary edition, with inner sleeve, includes download. 2019

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The Slits – “Cut” LP

One of the defining releases of the first wave/’70s punk era, the debut album of 1979. An occassion when the term ‘post-punk’ becomes really problematic and uncomfortable. The Slits are often reffered to as ‘post-punk’. which is… not right. They may not have sounded like The Sex Pistols or The Clash, (and thank fuck for that), but in actual fact, The Slits were as true to the ethos of 70s punkĀ  (whatever that ethos was – don’t ask me to define it. Why bother? No need!) than any other band I can think of, (certainly not Generation X). Subversive and full of chaotic, life-enhancing energy; smashing to pieces as many of the conventions and status-quo complacencies of the music industry in one fell swoop as was possible, especially compared to the majority of punk bands of the day. Produced by Barbados-born reggae musician, Dennis Bovell; with Neneh Cherry joining as additional vocalist, and Budgie of The Spitfire Boys (and later Siouxsie and the Banshees, of course) filling in on drums after Palmolive had left to start-up The Raincoats. This version also gets their f-a-b version of “I Heard It Through The Grapevine”.

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