PSYCHOS – “One Voice” LP


Radio Raheem Records

Black vinyl 500 copies, includes booklet. 2019

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The Psychos – “One Voice” LP

Out of the many bands to come from the NYHC scene of the early 1980s, none is more fabled or revered as The Psychos. Often found playing at the cramped and sweaty Lower East Side venue A7, as well as feeding members to legendary bands such as Agnostic Front, S.O.D. (yeah, the notorious – ‘its not racism. It’s scarcastic humour’ – Billy Millano. The hilarious bigot.), along with Trip 6, Mental Abuse, and The Icemen. The band’s recordings have finally been cemented in history by the lost-treasure archivists/archaeologists at Radio Raheem. Containing 20 tracks and including a 16-page, 12″ x 12″ full colour booklet packed full of archival images.

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