VILE CHERUBS – “Lysergic Lamentations” LP


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Vile Cherubs – “Lysergic Lamentations” LP

A short-lived quartet from Washington DC (1986-1988) that consisted of high school classmates Tim Green (later of Nation Of Ulysses,¬†Young Ginns and Fucking Champs), Jesse Quitlsund (Capitol City Dusters), Seth Lorinczi (Circus Lupus), and Ben Wides. Teenage outsiders who musically fell somewhere between Gray Matter, Ignition, and – confusingly for a late 80s DC hardcore scene – late 60’s garage rock and psychedelia. In the light of what came out of DC many years later in the form of The Make Up and The Delta 72, the Vile Cherubs can be seen as important precursors of retro-reinvention – overlooked outside of Washington DC at the time, but they had an important role to play in the greater scheme of things yet to come. A posthumous album was released on Dischord/Cherubic Delusions, Post-Humorous Relief, in 1988 (one of those elusive Dischord half-numbers). Before that they recorded two demos with Geoff Turner (Gray Matter, 3), compiled here as a ten track full-length, lovingly resuscitated by audio maestro Tim Green from the original multitrack tapes.

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