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Las Mordidas – “Ex-Voto” LP

The irrepressible force of nature that is and was Chris Thomson – bass player in Lunchmeat, then Ignition, and frontman of Fury, Circus Lupus, Monorchid and Skull Kontrol (etc.) – also sang vocals in this short lived Washington DC band. Joined by other veterans from the DC community, including bass player extraordinaire, Doug E. Bird (Beefeater, Fidelity Jones, Rain Like The Sound Of Trains), plus Jon K. (Rain), and Jerry Busher ( All-Scars and Fidelity Jones). Existing as a band from the Summer of 1993 through to the Spring of 1994. Dischord aficionados will remember their two 7″ released in that year (one was a Dischord half number, the other was a split with Mukilteo Fairies on Honey Bear Records). This 12″ combines ten tracks from sessions recorded by Geoff Turner at WGNS in 1993 and Brendan Canty at Pirate House in 1994. Tapes recovered by Jerry Busher and transferred by Ian Mackaye and Don Godwyn.

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