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Circus Lupus – Self-titled LP

After the demise of Ignition in the late 80’s, bass player Chris Thomson headed to Madison, Wisconsin for college and was soon invited to join a new project started by friends Chris Hamley, Arika Casebolt, and Reg Shrader. Following on from his brief stint fronting Fury, Chris stayed on vocal duties for this new band, Circus Lupus, while also switching musical style – away from DC punk, looking instead towards noisier Touch & Go and Homestead bands for inspiration. The original lineup played a dozen shows and recorded these songs with Eli Janney at Inner Ear studios in August of 1990 while on a brief tour. Reg Shrader left to  join the Touch and Go band Seam, and Seth Lorinczi (Vile Cherubs) became their new bass player, forming the version of the band that most people are familiar with from the Dischord LPs, Super Genius (1992) and Solid Brass (1993). A few years later – with Las Mordidas sandwiched in between –  Chris Hamley and Chris Thomson would reunite to form The Monorchid.

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