MARS VOLTA – “Tremulant” LP


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Transparent vinyl. 2022

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Mars Volta – “Tremulant” 12″ EP

Cedric and Omar left behind their tumultuous past by diving straight into dub reggae side project De Facto, to then remerge with a new team of musicians in 2002 andh this debut EP under the new name Mars Volta. Released by Gold Standard Laboratories, and recorded/produced by Alex Newport (Fudge Tunnel etc). Merging the post hardcore energy of At the Drive In with a new prog rock influence – jaw-dropping in its tightness and complexity, with a freedom to explore whatever experimental whims took their fancy. This is a great Mars Volta record, mainly because it avoids much of the self-indulgence that bogs-down their later LPs. Apparently the track “Concertina” is a brutal take-down at a dude who briefly played guitar in At The Drive In (in 1996-1997), who by all accounts was a total sociopath.

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