ZOUS – “No Ground To Give” LP


Closed Casket Activities / Maggot Stomp

‘Golden Nugget’ vinyl. 2022

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Zous – “No Ground To Give” LP

A one-man project for vocalist, producer, mixer, engineer, and multi-instrumentalist Taylor Young as he plunges into the depths of death metal helped along by collaborating with many other misfits from the subterranea of extreme music: Brad Boatright (who also mastered the record); Full of Hell’s Dylan Walker; guitarist Takafumi Matsubara of Gridlink; guitarist Leon del Muerte of Impaled and Exhumed; plus Autopsy singer/ drummer and death/doom pioneer Chris Reifert. Vicious death metal given plenty of hardcore intensity, a blistering assault of blast beats, guttural vocals, fast riffs, all bound by cavernous studio production. For fans of Necrot, Gatecreeper etc.

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