KINA – “Irreale Realtà” LP


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Includes CD and inserts. 2018

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Kina – “Irreale Realtà” LP and CD

Back in print, the first 12″ album by these Italian hardcore punks, originally released by the band in 1985. In the late 1980’s I was hoovering-up any Italian hardcore that I could lay my grubby hands upon, but Kina were not a band that featured on my fan-boy radar – if I remember right, there was a slightly average LP that was released on Bristol’s C.O.R. Records (quick Discogs check: Cercando, of 1986). So this earlier album by Kina is quite a revelation – proper fast and furious; possessed by that distinct out-of-control Mediterranean wildness that also seized the hands and minds of Indigesti, Negazione, Wretched, Raw Power and CCM. Crazy sounds, crazy bands. This album is still totally relevant to what is going on in European hardcore punk in 2022.

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