SWANS – “Children Of God” Double LP


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Gatefold sleeve, includes dowload. 2020

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Swans – “Children Of God” Double LP

Remastered in 2020 from the original mixes of 1987. The sex in your soul will damn you to hell, and you’d better believe it, buddy. Children Of God is mid-period Swans, inspired by televangelists like Jimmy Stewart, and, bizarrely, recorded during six weeks spent in a medieval sawmill in Cornwall, this is perhaps their finest moment? From my point of view, The Swans, pre-Children Of God, were a hard slog – an industrial sledgehammer pounding in extreme slow motion… Raping A Slave...? I know you’re from New York, but, wooah, too much, bro; whereas post-Children Of God Swans involved more accoustic strumming and over-egged crooning from Michael Gira than I could cope with (one Nick Cave, post Birthday Party, was already one too many, thanks). Children Of God is a transitional album, midway between the two. Following the addition of singer, songwriter and keyboardist Jarboe in 1986, they began to incorporate bright, uplifting melody into their industrial-strength noise-rock. The dark, dangerous (nay, tortuous) thunder became tempered with beauty, calm and light, creating, dare I say it, one of the best complimentary contrasts in the history of underground music. (I do dare).
This repress of 2020 replicates the gatefold packaging of the original, and the download also includes the Feel Good Now live album (from the 1987 European tour).

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