RESSURECTION – “I Am Not: The Discography” Double LP


Deathwish Inc.

White vinyl, includes download, gatefold sleeve. 2011

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Ressurection – “I Am Not: The Discography” Double LP

A complete discography of this important, groundbreaking American hardcore band that existed from 1991 to 1994. Resurrection, along with Downset, Strife and Snapcase (etc), breathed new life into a straight edge scene that was begining to feel a bit repetitive and generic at that point in time. Heavy chuggy metallic guitars, fast and slow beats, agressively cathartic vocals with serious intent, were all in; cheesey positivity dressed in jock-sports gear was out. Combining the mid-paced tension of Absolution, the Inside Out rush of fury, and the teeth-rattling dirge of slow-period Black Flag, during their relatively short (but busy) tenure Ressurection recorded a bunch of 7″s, an LP, and made a handful of comp appearences, all of which are compiled here on this (cheap!) double vinyl compilation (along with a radio live set) – before members disbanded, to then resurface in 108, Texas Is The Reason, Jets To Brazil and The Judas Factor.

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