KRONSTADT UPRISING – “The Unknown Revolution” 7″


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Includes postcard. 2018

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Kronstadt Uprising – “The Unknown Revolution” 7″

One of the lesser known bands of the UK’s infamous political punk movement of the early 1980s. A great 6-song 7″, recorded by the late John Loder, who’s studio skills were near-magicalĀ  (the spiritual guidance of L. Ron Hubbard, perhaps), helping to lift what might otherwise have been just another Riot City street punk dirge, to an exciting level of feverish ferocity, to rank alongside Rudimentary Peni, Dirt and System. If fate had played-out a little different – without label delays, or line-up changes, or ill-judged changes of musical direction – you can easily image that Southend’s Kronstadt Uprising would have produced an amazing full-length that would be up there with No Sanctuary and Deathchurch. This is a faithful repress of the first EP, released in 1983 on Flux Of Pink Indian’s label, Spiderleg.






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