MURDERER – “I Did It All For You” LP


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Includes large fold-out poster. 2019

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Murderer – “I Did It All For You” LP

After five years loitering suspiciously around the New York scene, Murderer finally release a full length LP. Featuring members of Hank Wood, Dawn of the Humans and Crazy Spirit – and with a sound that contains elements of each of those bands…. but, like they’re on different drugs….. in a good way. A dark, dream-like collection of desperate lullabies – weirdly addictive, and cathartic… in a sinsiter kind of way. The label has made a comparison to The Wipers and Wire (which is not inaccurate, in the guitars at least), but the stripped down-to-the-bone simplicity and outsider-weirdo vibe reminds me more of Rudimentary Peni.

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