VEIN.FM – “Old Data in a New Machine Vol.1” LP


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Includes obi-stripe, sealed copy, vinyl colour unknown. 2020

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Description – “Old Data in a New Machine Vol.1” LP

Errorzone, the 2019 debut album by Vein set speakers alight and sent the Boston band straight to the top of the heirachy of modern extreme music. Now re-named as thay have kept-up the momentum by compiling this assortment of new versions of old songs, along with remixes, and old demos tracks, all taken from a time before the debut album. New sounds for a new name: utilising alternative rock and old school dance beats, whilst keeping to the fore that same distinctly Botch/Dillinger Escape Plan hybrid of metal-hardcore. I don’t know to what extent I can get excited about hearing the boomy bass and skittish beats of 90’s drum and bass in this day and age, but that’s what seems to excite the guys in (thankfully they keep the EBM to a minumum). There‚Äôs a proper new album coming soon.

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