SCARECROW – “Raise the Death’s Head” 10″


Relapse Records

White with black splatter vinyl, (516 copies). 2022

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Scarecrow – “Raise the Death’s Head” 10″

This is undeniable old school thrash metal in all its glory – true to the forefathers: Anthrax, Megadeth, Metallica, Acid Reign* etc. (even though the sleeve art screams out ‘crust punk!’; almost like a reverse form of crossover) The first release by this San Francisco quartet since their 2008 split EP with Landmine Marathon (weirdly enough, released by Level Plane Records) No surprise, Scarecrow are old veterans of the scene, with previous band membership going back (primarily) to Death Angel and Exhumed.

* Acid Reign = irony

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Dimensions 36 × 35 × .5 cm