JESU – “Terminus” LP


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Gatefold sleeve. 2020

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Jesu – “Terminus” LP

Justin K Broadrick – from Napalm Death, to Godflesh, to Techno Animal and JK Flesh, to Jesu (and fifty-odd other bands and projects in amongst them all) – owns one of the most outstanding musical careers of anyone to have come out of the anarcho-punk/UK hardcore scene of the 1980’s. Still poughing the same furrow of dense, guitar-overloaded, multi-layered, super-loud noise, but now, befitting his mature age, leaving the angst and rage behind and letting the glacial, shoegazey, dream-pop lead the way. But still suffocatingly/comfortably heavy. His first recording as Jesu in quite some time, released in 2020, but recorded on various sesessions from the last four years.

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