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Turquoise vinyl (350 copies) includes insert. 2023

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Stress Positions – “Harsh Reality” LP

Three members from the now-defunct C.H.E.W. (Drummer Jonathan Giralt, guitarist Benyamin Rudolph, and bassist Russell Harrison, with new vocalist Stephanie Brooks) re-join the fray with a re-calibrated sound, equally as dangerous and deadly as before. The blistering speed immediately sets Stress Position apart from the current wave of stompy caveman hardcore; relentless, loud and frantic – until a point when they they want to ratchet-up the tension with something slow, dark and brooding. Plenty of nuance, alongside the crazed dexterity and pace, keeps things free from predictability.
Recorded by Seth Engel (Floatie, C.H.E.W, Nnamdi, Ratboys ), mixed by Matt Russell (Big Laugh, Oozing Wound, Rezen), and mastered by James Plotkin (Botch, Voivod, Cave In).

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