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Black vinyl, 300 copies. 2019

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Rainbow Grave – “No You” LP

Featuring some very significant members of the Birmingham underground music scene, this a nighmarish assault of window-rattling, floor-board shaking, noise-rock. Mid-paced, sludgey, heavy (of course), and positively oozing menace and bad intention. More psycho than it is psychedelic, but if psyche is your thing then this is your kind of goodtime. There are echoes of the  Midland’s own Head Of David, and Godflesh, (in fact there are alot of many different echoes in the mix, maybe even some Rudimentray Peni, too); but it is the underground rock from the otherside of the Atlantic, (and of a similar period in time) that sounds like a stronger influence: Butthole Surfers, Cows, Unsane… (almost) Tad, (only weirder and darker)… almost Siege-like when the sax kicks in. And, you know, a band with an original member of Napalm Death? Now, that is pretty fucking amazing.

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