SUNNY DAY REAL ESTATE – “How It Feels to Be Something On” LP


Sub Pop

Includes download. 2016

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Sunny Day Real Estate – “How It Feels to Be Something On” LP

A band of two halves: the Diary and self-titled albums of the early 90s, versus the two albums of the late 90’s. How It Feels…, the third album, released by Sub Pop in 1998, was a stark contrast to the known and celebrated version of Seattle’s Sunny Day Real Estate (that broke the hearts of so many heroic emo kids the world over) – I don’t know if this LP came as a dissapointment to that audience, I guess it was the voice of Jeremy Enigk that had changed more than anything; but I think it’s a fab bundle off-kilter alternative rock, pretty unique, brave and bold in its (post-hardcore) sensitive-boy’s attempt at indie-rock. It still manages to soar up high for those trademark cresendo moments, like a drug mainlining straight into your limbic system. Cosy and warm on the come down.

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