CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE – s/t (first 12″) LP


Dark Operative

Green with black marble vinyl. 2019

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Christie Front Drive – self-titled  First 12″

The amazing debut mini album, back in print after a (remastered) 2013 reissue that came out on Magic Bullet Records (and 26 years after the original pressing on Freewill Records). Influenced (at a guess) by Superchunk, Jawbox and Drive Like Jehu . But CFD eased-down on the speed factor and energy levels; and loaded-up with dramatic tension and fragile sensitivity instead – it was a difficult trick to pull off (Sunny Day Real Estate managed it, too) especially when, at heart, they were still essentially a hardcore band. But they did it very successfully. Back in the day, everbody was heavily into CFD.

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