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Gatefold sleeve, (should) include CD. 2021

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The Young Gods – self-titled Double LP

The industrial-rock trio from Geneva, named after the Swan’s 12″ EP, and formed in 1985 after the break-up of post punk band, Jof And The Ram (worth checking out). This complies their self-titled debut album (released in 1987); the tracks from the first two 7″s, Envoyé! and Did You Miss Me?; and a John Peel session from 1988.
I recall hearing The Young Gods on the John Peel show – finger hovering above the pause button –  which lead to checking them out live, and I was gobsmaked to discover that they were a mere three-piece and also that a) they had a live drummer, and b) all the guitars were samples from a keyboard (I was young, innocent, and ignorant of the ways of electronic industrial rock music, but did at least understand the ways of Big Black and Godflesh). I was also gobsmaked because they were so fucking good. Switzerland, at this point in time, gave us three greats: The Young Gods, Celtic Frost, and (less obvious) Yellow. Sacre bleu, c’est tres bien! (mon français est sehr gut, oui?).

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