DOPE BODY – “Crack A Light” LP


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Dope Body – “Crack A Light” LP

Unwrapping a new Dope Body album is always a complicated delight – once again, every conceviable varient of rock seems to be in there somewhere: psyche, alternative, noise, avante, punk, post, space… et cetera. After splitting-up in 2016, to then reform in 2020, here is their second lockdown-quarantine full-length already. The Home Body LP slipped out in Spring of 2020, and from what I garnered from their bandcamp site, it was a lo-fi follow-up to the crazy off-kilter, squelches and bleeps of their most experimental recording, 2015’s Kunk. Whereas as this album, Crack A Light, released in the second half of 2020, shares closer ties to the thumping grunge/anthem-rock of their mid-period, circa Natural History and 2014’s Lifer (especially). You could spend all day trying to work out who Dope Body sound like –  a random shot at it could be: a mix of Jesus Lizard, Battles, Daughters, Mudhoney, Rage Against The Machine, Brainiac.

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