CELTIC FROST – “Into the Pandemonium” LP


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Double 180 gsm vinyl, gatefold sleeve, includes 36 page 10″ booklet, two posters. 2017

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Celtic Frost – “Into the Pandemonium” LP

Listening to this album for the first time in many years I’m instantly struck by how bloody strange it is: opera singer? yeah, why not!? add some cello, viola and violin? go for it! do a cover of “Mexican Radio” by obscure LA new wave band Wall Of Voodo? owh, go on then…
In 1987, after establishing themselves as the true pioneers of international thrash metal (and primary originators of both death and black metal, too), these Swiss longhaired Frosties unleashed their mental-experimental masterpiece. Expanding their thrash assault and encompassing electronica, classical, industrial, gothic – all with an avant-garde flamboyance. This suitably heavy double album includes a 36 page booklet, two posters, and is expanded into a double album with the addition of five more tracks taken from the same recording session.

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