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FROZEN SOUL – “Crypt of Ice” LP


Century Media

180 gram limited black vinyl. 2021

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Frozen Soul – “Crypt of Ice” LP

The debut full-length that was released in the winter months of early 2021. Old school death metal – no time for unnecessary melody – that bludgeons the ears with riff after riff, so prepare to exercise your neck muscles, but wear a woolly jumper, and don’t forget your satanic mittens. Headbanging in an artic snow blizzard. An ironic leap of the imagination (like the best metal often does), these Texas longhairs, fed-up with their Southern heatwaves, have cooled themselves down with a sound, and theme, that is pure sub-zero refrigeration. Not so much a refreshing Celtic Frost in a cooler box; more, a shivering Bolt Thrower in the freezer compartment.

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