PARANOID – “Cover of the month” LP


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Pressing of 1000. Comes with insert and big poster. Jan 2017

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Paranoid – “Cover of the month” LP

In 2015 Sweden’s Paranoid embarked upon a mission to record and release a cover version every month for the entirety of a year. This LP compiles those recordings together, along with some great liner notes explaining the choice of cover songs. Utilizing their finely honed punk skills (masters of Japanese/D-beat raw punk that they are) Paranoid pay their respects to:

The Exploited, Celtic Frost, Pisschrist, Septultura, Anti-Cimex, Kaaos, Strebers, State Of Fear, Acursed, Pentagram, Totalitär, Darkthrone.

Paranoid Arise on youtube


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