MASSA NERA / QUIET FEAR – “Quatro Vientos // Cinco Soles” LP


Persistent Vision

Peach and purple merge vinyl (250 copies), includes foldout insert and download. 2024

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Massa Nera / Quiet Fear – “Quatro Vientos // Cinco Soles” LP

Meant as a cohesive piece of art, that is as much a studio collaboration between the two bands as it is a straightforward split album. Massa Nera are post-hardcore/screamo band from New Jersey, and Los Angele’s Quiet Fear capture a similar style of hardcore. Both bands take 90s-inspired screamo as their foundation and update the style, weaving elements of post rock, mathcore, and even Latin rhythms into their sound. Tying together the metallic chaos of Converge, Envy’s most triumphant moments, and the emotional intensity of Pg.99.

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Dimensions 35 × 34 × .5 cm