MORBIKON – “Ov Mournful Twilight” LP


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‘Limited color vinyl’, includes download. 2022

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Morbikon – “Ov Mournful Twilight” LP

Melodic black-death metal, dark and evil, from members of Municipal Waste. Primarily the creative project of Phil “Landphil” Hall, exploring the dark corners of extreme music, and heavily guided by Scandinavia. Recruiting his Municipal Waste bandmate, Dave Witte to handle the drums (and lets face it, if you can, who wouldn’t? One of the best drummers out there); reaching-out also to to the vocalist of Finland’s Finntroll, Matthias “Vieth” Lillmåns. Catchy, lightning-fast riffs with wacky solos, insane drums, and of course eeeviiil black metal vocal. Well above the standard.

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