NISSES NOTTER – “Det Är Krig (83 to 85)” LP


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Nisses Nötter – “Det Är Krig (83 to 85)” LP

Pre-teen punks from Sweden finally get to appear on vinyl with a reissue of their self released demo tapes: Knäckta Nötter (translation: Cracked Nuts) from 1984, and Live At Replokalen, from 1985. By rights, this should be terrible, the fact that it is quite the opposite – we are talking classic mid-80s, hyper-fast, full-throttle Euro-hardcore – is a credit not just to the youngsters in the band, and also Punk ‘N Vomit for having the suss and dedication to put this out. Up there alongside Crude SS, no problem. Such a shame the guys in Nisses Nötter didn’t stick with it, I imagine their LP would have been a classic.

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