OATHBREAKER – “Rheia” Double LP


Deathwish Inc.

Electric Blue with Bone & Grey Splatter, double vinyl. 2019

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Oathbreaker – “Rheia” Double LP

Ghent’s Oathbreaker stretch from black metal to post rock to hardcore punk to somewhere else that is altogether more esoteric. And all the while it’s the enchanting voice of Caro Tanghe what’s got a hold of yer ears. From ferocious banshee wail, to demonic roar, to gentle melodies – wow, she can proper sing.  Deathwish call Rheia “a true game changer for the genre” – and that is true (but I have no idea what genre that might be…?). This is the 2019 repress of Oathbreaker’s most recent recordings (from 2016), a double album on blue splattered vinyl.

Rheia by Oathbreaker

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