STRUCK NERVE – “Rattle The Cage” LP


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White vinyl. 2022

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Struck Nerve – “Rattle The Cage” LP

Keeping the straight edge alive in 2022, the debut full-length from Philadelphia, PA’s Struck Nerve. Nine tracks of ultra-pumped, straight-edge hardcore played with a tonne of passion, and a megaton of energy (seriously, if you’re trying to burn off some post-lockdown excess weight, here is your perfect accompanying soundtrack for your morning workout). Staying true to the label’s back catalogue, going all the way back to Carry On And Life’s Halt, and featuring members of Gridiron, Jesus Piece, Agitator, and Payback. A completely familiar style and sound, while avoiding the pitfalls of cliches and over used tropes – a difficult juggling act to pull off, but bloody hell, they’ve done it with aplomb. Cover art by Spoiler (Chubby & The Gang).

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