EKULU – “Unscrew My Head” LP (damaged sleeve)


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Yellow vinyl (500 copies). 2022

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Ekulu – “Unscrew My Head” LP

The big-hit hardcore release of 2021 finally gets repressed, back in availability at long last. A self-released, full-length album from this New York band, that follows-up the two 7″s on Triple-B from a few years ago. Flexing new musical muscles – tight as can be, but with brains as well as brawn – and tapping into that desperate, adrenalin-fuelled energy that thrust Cro Mags onto the world stage all those decades ago. Aside from the overt Age Of Quarrel/Best Wishes influences, this sounds comfortable held-up alongside Dead Heat, Mindforce, Dare and Drain. And although the sleeve art won’t be winning any prizes this is an essential releases for anyone into modern hardcore (with, of course, an old school hit). This is the yellow vinyl version, exclusive to Revelation Records and limited to 500 copies.

Warning: these copies have a slightly damaged/crumpled sleeve corner, check photos. Marked down in price accordingly (from £22.50).

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