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SUPERCHUNK – “Here’s Where The Strings Come In” LP


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Remastered, 180 gram vinyl, includes download (plus bonus tracks). 2011

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Superchunk – “Here’s Where The Strings Come In” LP

From the opening track Hyper Enough this is a yet another classic Superchunk album. I’ve lost track of how many Superchunk albums there are now, as they’ve been banging out their melodic, punk-fueled indie rock since 1989. And still going strong. This album from 1995 was their fifth I believe (?). And it’s all class from start to finish, with every song standing up strong with its own distinctive qualities. I don’t think they even know how to write a close-to-dull song…

Here’s Where the Strings Come In (Remastered) by Superchunk

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