SUBVERSIVE RITE – “Songs for the End Times” LP


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Subversive Rite – “Songs for the End Times” LP

Subversive Rite have studied hard at the mid-80s school of UK punk – when metallic heaviness and speed began to displace the Crass controlled protest punk of the preceeding years. Punk will eat itself? Yup. But what it shits-out is ripe and fresh, so who cares… The high decibel female vocals, the pounding beats, the wailing guitars and the revved-up-motorbike-as-bass-sound instantly bring to mind Fucked And Bound, Death Evocation, and yeah, of course, early Sacrilege (right down to the tolling bell). A timeless template, updated by modern production standards – old is new when you do it like this. Reinventing the wheel? Circle A more like.


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