JADE DUST – “Wild Geese” LP


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Completely random different colours of vinyl. 2022


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Jade Dust – “Wild Geese” LP

Portland, Oregon’s champions of ’80s DC-influenced melodic hardcore deliver eight more tracks on their second 12″ EP. Fans of Rites of Spring, Embrace, and Rain will recognize the inspiration right away. Less obvious is the band’s name which is derived from the Shudder To Think song “Jade Dust Eyes”. Because of the emo-angst and coarse, unpolished production (in a good way, I should add) this is an ideal record for anyone who still harbours an enthusiasm for the 90’s DIY scene that put out those hand-built, paper-bag sleeves in the peak years of Heartattack zine: Current, Floodgate, Moss Icon, Frail etc. Having said that, Jade Dust also fit alongside well-polished modern bands like Praise, One Step Closer and Fiddlehead.
” If you’re a fan of the late ’80s Dischord sound, you will love Jade Dust.” – M.R.R.

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