PRAISE – “All In A Dream” LP


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Opaque green vinyl, includes download. 2022

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Praise – “All In A Dream” LP

Made up of members known for playing in bands like Turnstile, Have Heart, Mindset, Angel Dust, and many others. From the start, way back in 2009, Praise pulled deeply from the roots of mid-’80s DC hardcore – Dag Nasty, Soulside, Embrace, Rites Of Spring etc. – and with their second full-length they have refined these influences while also further re-defining their own distinct style of emotive, non-aggressive punk. Eight years since 2014’s Lights Went Out, and six years since 2016’s last offering, the Leave It All Behind 12″ – on this 2022 full-length release they have stepped-up their game by fine-tuning their song writing skills, and also utilising the studio talents of Brian McTernan, who has brightened-up their sound, allowing all the hooky melodies to punch through just right.

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